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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Health and Safety at Bimeda Canada
    Health and Safety at Bimeda Canada

    Globally, Bimeda is dedicated to health and safety, and to ensuring a safe, happy and healthy working environment for everyone. The team in Canada share this commitment, and understand the vital role that training plays in ensuring a safe working environment. With this in mind, earlier in the year, Bimeda Canada organised some great health and safety training for managers, supervisors and lead hands. Leaders were trained on their roles and responsibilities in relation sustaining a healthy and safe working environment.

    All employees successfully participated in Health and Safety in Four Steps training, and learned about the new Globally Harmonized System which was created to harmonize hazard classification criteria and chemical hazard communication elements worldwide.

In The News

Cambridge, Ontario (July 20, 2015): now available from Bimeda-MTC: TilcoMed (Tilmicosin Injection USP, 300 mg/mL) an antibiotic to treat Bovine Respiratory Disease in beef cattle as well as Pneumonic Pasteurellosis in lambs. DIN 02435861, Approved by Health Canada. TilcoMed is indicated for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) associated with Mannheimia (Pasturella) haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida. For the reduction of morbidity associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in feedlot calves, caused by Mannheimia (Pasturella) haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida, during the first 30 days in the feedlot, when administered at the time of arrival. Also for the treatment of pneumonic…
Cambridge, Ontario (August 7, 2014). Now available from Bimeda-MTC: Ketamalt™ 50, a malt and multimineral oral solution; replacing the former Ketamalt™, unavailable for the last year. Supplied in 4 litre jugs. DIN 02419467, Approved by Health Canada. KETAMALT™ 50`s INDICATIONS: KETAMALT™ 50 is indicated as an aid in the prevention and treatment of acetonemia in cattle and sheep. KETAMALT™ 50`s BENEFITS: contains four sources of oral glucose precursors used to reverse ketosis in ruminants: sugars, starches, amino acids and propylene glycol. contains diastase, a natural starch converting enzyme that converts starch present in the rumen to simple sugars. This product…
Cambridge, Ontario (August 7, 2014): now available from Bimeda-MTC: LincoMed 100™ (lincomycin 100 mg/mL), an antibiotic for use in swine supplied in 100 mL multiple-dose vials as a sterile solution. DIN 0242142, Approved by Health Canada. Manufactured by Bimeda-MTC, Cambridge, ON, Canada. LINCOMED’S INDICATIONS: Lincomed™ is indicated for the treatment of infectious forms of arthritis caused by organisms sensitive to its activity. This includes most of the organisms responsible for the various infectious arthritides in swine, such as Staphylococci, Streptococci, Erysipelothrix and Mycoplasma spp. It is also indicated for the treatment of swine dysentery. This product will be available through…

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